Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) is perhaps the most well known of the business rates Reliefs available. It can eliminate or substantially reduce the tax, i.e. business rates, due to be paid on a property, or properties.

However, it is not simply a ‘rubber-stamping’ exercise, eligibility requires to be established by the Council. There are also clear restrictions. For example, businesses with a combined rateable value which exceeds £35,000 are ineligible for the Scheme.

SBBS is provided by the Scottish Government and administered by Scotland's various local councils. The Scheme is intended to assist small businesses in Scotland who experience a hefty rates bill as a high proportion of their turnover.

The Benefits 2018/19

Based on the aggregate RV of all your business premises, the following reliefs are available:

RV up to £15,000

100% Relief

(i.e. no rates payable)

RV £15,001 to £18,000

25% Relief


If you have more than one business premises and have an aggregate of RV’s between £18,001 and £35,000, you are entitled to 25% relief on each individual property with an RV under £18,000.

Case Studies have undertaken a number a number of Revalaution appeals already where our Rating expertise and negotiation with the Assessor has resulted in the RV reducing to £15,000 or below resulting in the client becoming 100% rates free. Some very recent examples include ...

Take-away - Glasgow: RV reduced from £17,300 to £15,000 meaning savings for the client of around £6,000 per year and £30,000 over the five year Revaluation cycle

Convenience Store - Paisley Road West, Glasgow: Having identified aspects of the valuation which could be challenged for this shop on the edge of the city centre, we succesfully obtained a reduction in RV from £15,800 to £15,000, equating to savings for the client of around £5,500 per year and over £27,000 for the duration of the five year Revaluation cycle

Nail & Beauty Salon - Paisley: Through our analysis of surrounding shop rental levels and negotiation with the Assessor thereafter, our succes here was having the RV reduced from £16,250 to £12,500 resulting in substantial rates savings for the client

Former Bank Premises - Greenock : Following extensive negotiations with the Assessor for this town centre shop property, we achieved a reduction in RV from £16,000 to £15,000 for a very happy client.

From these examples, you can see the impact our input into the property appeals has had in making the client eligible for SBBS Relief. For a small business, these savings will have a substantial positive impact on their business.

Further information would be pleased to advise further in respect of SBBS or other Relief queries you may have. Please get in touch with us to ensure your interests are adequately protected and getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

Ratepayers should be aware that business rates are a devolved matter to the Scottish Government therefore Business Rates Relief schemes are administered differently in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you require information on Empty Premises or indeed any rates Relief matters in those locations you should visit GOV.UK's rates relief for small businesses for further information.