Whilst many have indeed appealed or have set the wheels in motion to do so, many other firms and individuals we have spoken to, have also not yet fully considered the implications of an increase in rates on their organisation or business.

Even if they are unsure whether they wish to carry through with an appeal, for whatever reason, in most cases, we would recommend an appeal be lodged even if only to protect their interest in the long term. A timeous appeal can always be withdrawn at any time; but an appeal cannot be lodged after the statutory deadline.

Appeals must be lodged by 30 September 2017. Failure to submit an appeal by that date will lead to a loss of the right to challenge the new assessment, potentially resulting in excessive rates bills until 2022 at the earliest.

businesstratesadvice.com would be pleased to advise further in respect of any rates queries or concerns you may have. Please get in touch with us to ensure your interests are adequately protected.

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